Saturday, December 14, 2013

Life According To Jerry---Our 9 year old photojournalist!

When you are 9 years old, and you've lived in an orphanage your entire life, and the only time you've every been out is to go to school, and EVERYTHING is a new adventure to you, and you are high energy, and high volume, AND, your American Mama lets you use her camera (only if you keep the wrist strap on your wrist!)......this is what happens!  (700 photos later, 650 photos or so deleted--one very bad drop of the camera on the marble type stairs in the hotel tonight but one very clever diy husband who can fix anything and the camera is fine now---Praise the Lord--cuz my trip isn't done yet..and what would I do without it?? Or what would Jerry do for 1.5 more days....) 
Presenting:  Jerry's first photo shoot--A day (or 2 days to be exact) in my life!! Buckle's super exciting!

Possibly one of his favorite photo subjects....his beloved:  Mama!!

So he quickly discovered the coolness of seeing himself in the mirror while photographing himself!

Yup..I brought my knitting!

Shots of the hotel! Total Random ones!

Pretty good selfie..really!

No photo shoot is complete without Yavor!

So one of his favorite things to do was to take pictures at night on our way back and forth from dinner!

 Only trouble is...when you are 9 and you are excited, and you haven't seen things before, you don't always like to stop to take the picture..."must keep moving...must keep moving!"

 Another favorite item to and drinks!

 Came into the hotel last night after dinner, and took a pretty good picture of our friend at the front the way..spent 3 years working in North Conway, NH on an internship! Truly a small world!
 Another favorite thing is to take photos of his siblings on face time waiting in America! So neat!

 And here he is right tired out but super contented little guy..who I just realized is a thumb sucker! How cute is he?? We are blessed!

This concludes a day in the life of one very special 9 year old...soon..very be an orphan no be continued...stay tuned...


Cindy Bennett said...

Gave me goose bumps! Praying for you all!

Love you all,

Cindy and the. Bennett gang

Cindy Bennett said...

Gave me goose bumps, we love you and can't wait to meet your Jerry!

Love you all, Cindy and the Bennett gang