Thursday, December 05, 2013

Update on Little Joshua!

 Note from Josh's Mom today: Keep praying!
Joshua is writing his own story. We have to let him tell us where he is going." ~ Elizabeth Blume, MD, Director of Transplant Cardiology

Wise words. We met with Dr. Blume for over an hour this afternoon to discuss all of Joshua's options moving forwards, both best and worst case scenarios. We talked and listened. These people really care here.

Today, Joshua took a giant baby step. He heart is conducting electricity. Not ready to pump yet but a good first step. His bleeding is also slowing down.

He had an EEG today as a precaution after the arrest. The results were fine but I giggled when I saw his forehead after all the leads were removed.

That sure looks like a Chinese character to me! And Red Ranger is still on duty.

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