Sunday, December 29, 2013

Praising the Lord--OUR GREAT PROVIDER!!!

And so yesterday....we posted about our need. We asked you all to storm the gates and pray...thank you from the bottom of our hearts! This has been amazing! Today our Reece's Rainbow Account See It Here! went up by $1,940.00!!! church today...we were showered with gifts that totaled an amazing amount of $1,302.25!! Thank you all soooooo much!

And so take a peek at our thermometer over to the side of our blog! Yesterday morning we needed $13,500.00 to be fully funded. Now, just a tad over 24 hours later....(a bit more than one day!!!) we only need $7,135.00!!! Thank you God's faithful people from the bottoms of our hearts! You are helping us to rescue precious Zoey and Jerry!!!


Ginger Clark said...

Praise the Lord!!
God is a faithful provider; especially for His orphans.

Kathy said...

Your adoption story has touched our hearts. Made a donation today. Can't wait to hear the updates on these two precious children!

Winslow Gang said...

Thank you Kathy!! That is such a blessing to us! Thank you for helping us to rescue our precious children God has chosen for us! Our love to you! The Winslow Family Please keep in touch!