Friday, December 27, 2013

Encouragement for This Day!

During family Bible time this very morning, God encouraged me greatly with these verses as though He had written them just for our Zoey! I'm going to put her name in them to personalize them just for her:

Psalm 71 verse 6:  "You, God,  have been with Zoey,  from her birth! From Zoey's mother's womb, you, God,  have cared for her. It's no wonder that Zoey is always praising you with her smiles and abundant joy!"

verse 7:  "Zoey's very life is an example to many, because YOU GOD have been her strength and her protection!"

Thank you soooo much Lord for this encouragement today. I truly needed it as we wait for you to bring her home to us! Thank you Lord for Zoey's example. Although she has NO reason for joy and smiles, she is FULL of joy! There truly is NO explanation for this other than you, God! Thank you!

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