Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day 2 with our precious Jerry!

 So our little Jerry sleeps in our "luxury suite" king sized bed right in the middle of us! He did really well the first night!

 Our hotel serves breakfast each morning, and here his is! Can I boy! He LOVES anything food. While eating breakfast he wants to know..."when is lunch, when is dinner, how many more times are we going to eat this day?"...(notetoself...mustplantoincreasefoodbudgetgreatlyin2014!!:):))

 So we took a trip to the mall yesterday, and it was really fun! Especially for our little guy!

 All firsts for Jerry...including riding in the shopping cart! Oh how he loved it! Oh how I LOVED it, too! A short reprieve for the mama and papa!

 Up and down the escalator we will go! Free Fun!!! Yeah! This mall had 4 floors!

 So at this mall, there is a play place. For 2.50 leva (which is about 1.50 ish American) for one half hour, Jerry played in the play land! It was really fun for this boy! Here he is peeking into the gate while we took off his boots! He couldn't wait!

 So then another cool thing...there are these animals, and for 1 leva you can ride them, and guess what?? You steer them and they go all over the mall! Okay..and 1 leva's worth was a really long ride! I'll post a video later! It was sweet!
 So a funny thing about the play place. There is a DJ there, and Jerry went up to him and asked him to use his microphone and told him what song and then the next thing I now, loud music is on, and Jerry is singing Bulgarian karaoke! Wow! So it was just me and Jerry in there at that point, and Glenn and Yavor were looking for clothes for Jerry. (the orphanage sent him with just one outfit for 4 days!) and all of a sudden Yavor hears this singing...loud singing, and he can tell it's Jerry! Yavor could hear Jerry's singing across the mall! So funny!
 So we had our lunch at the mall! And Jerry was sooo excited! Look at all of that food and he ate almost all of it!
 So...many have we are doing with communicating with Jerry. is my journal, and I keep it with me all the time, and I'll asked do you say this, how do you say that, and I'll write it down. Only thing the moment sometimes it's hard to find my words! So I'll call Jerry over and he'll kinda roll his eyes a bit and stand next to me and point to my book and wait for me to find it, and sometimes he'll laugh and laugh, and laugh at me while I'm trying desperately to find the right word. Ugh!

 So at the end of a day of trying to say stuff, this is how I feel!!!
 One thing Jerry bought at the toy store was this microphone. He's been enjoying using it and singing his version of Jingle Bells! He's got a really good voice!

 So we ate supper at one of our favorite restaurants and he got icecream. He LOVED it!

 Sound asleep early after a long hard day! Soooo peaceful! At last!!! :) :)
On to day 3! Such a precious time with this wonderful little boy! We are treasuring every moment! He LOVES to say..WOW!!! That's what we say...WOW!!


Cindy Bennett said...

Amazing! What an adventure for all!

Cindy Bennett said...

Amazing! What an adventure!