Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Only 2 days left!! 5 days until we can hold our little Zoey!!!

We covet your prayers as we prepare for travel! Just 2 days left until we leave for Bulgaria. Glenn and I. On Monday, the 9th of December, we will travel to Zoey's orphanage and meet her and hold her and love on her! It seems that the backlog of cases have been resolved, and so hopefully we will be able to go back and get the children sooner!!

Then on the 12th we'll travel to Little Eddie's orphanage, and meet him and love on him! We'll travel back to NH on the 17th. Arriving very late!

Thank you so much for praying, supporting and encouraging us through this journey God has called us to! We love each and every one of you VERY much!

You can read more about us at our Reece's rainbow page:
If God lays on your heart to give financially, you can do that there and it's tax deductible! 

Can't wait to post photos of our visits with the kids! Stay tuned!

Please, please, please, feel free to share our blog address with friends and family. You can share our facebook page, too, and Reece's rainbow page! We would love to spread the word about our children and this ministry God has called us to! Thank you in advance!!

Hold on our precious bundles! Here we come!!!


R said...

This is wonderful, wonderful news. I can't wait to find out how your trip and visits with them go. Praying for your safety and that it all goes very smoothly. Hoping the bonding process grows in all hearts involved. We love you, Winslow family!

Christine said...

I hope you have safe travels. I can't wait to see photos of your trip. I am praying for you all.