Friday, December 20, 2013

Fret NOT!! We are home!!! Please keep praying!

Thank you for your prayers! We arrived home late Wednesday night! We had to layover in Chicago on Tuesday night due to mechanical problems with the plane!

We are soooo glad to be home and loving on our kiddos! They did sooooo well in our absence! Thank you Lord! 

Now onto the final paperwork stage! Our 1-800 is ready to be shipped priority mail tomorrow! It's just waiting for a letter from a pediatrician in country who will testify to the need to expedite our file for Zoey's sake! This letter will accompany our I-800 in our country and also accompany the paperwork in our children's country! We are praying for things to be quick! We are also almost done with our 2nd stage dossier documents! Fingerprint update! Done and sent! Power of attorney forms signed and notarized awaiting apostilling on Monday! Other documents all signed and ready! Just waiting for our medical update (our 3rd one in just over one year! Sighhhhh) This will be done next Friday!

Not bad for just coming home from our trip on Wednesday night..and today is only Friday??? Right??? Yup!

 This is my office! In the midst of everyone! Wonderful and NEVER lonely, but often a bit hard to concentrate if you KWIM!!!???

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