Sunday, December 15, 2013

Day Three With Jerry...So Precious --Truly We are Taking in and Cherishing Each and Every Moment! Can you tell??

Today has been a fun day! Right now we are hanging out in the hotel room and waiting for the time for dinner. Here are a few cool videos for your enjoyment! here is Jerry "unplugged"...Singing Karaoke at the mall! Soooo cute!

So here are Glenn and Jerry doing Bulgaria's version of Whack a Mole!

Here, Jerry got to try Bungy jumping. Cost of Bungy Jumping:  4 Leva for 5 minutes about 3.00 US!
                                                                  Expressions of Joy:           Priceless!

It's hard to believe this is our last day with our son! It's been wonderful, and we will treasure it until we can return!


Robin Reynolds said...

Oh Glenn and Mary!! Tears..... I can't imagine leavibg that precious little man!!! Praying!!!!

Winslow Gang said...

Hi Robin,
I's going to be like surgery without anesthesia! That's for sure! Coveting your prayers!