Sunday, December 08, 2013

Day 2 ...doing great..can't wait for tomorrow to meet Zoey!!

Spent this Lord's day here. This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Today Glenn and I had a wonderful day. A lavash breakfast buffet included in our hotel stay, wonderful times with new adoption friends staying here. One family picking up their 2 beautiful  girlies, and leaving with them to go home early next week, and another family here on their first visit just like us!

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast together. So leisurely in fact that we got kicked out of the restaurant at 12:00 noon time in order for them to set up for lunch! We had gotten there at 8:00! It was wonderful to fellowship with these like minded people! Such a gift from God on His day!

Then we went out for the entire afternoon sight seeing and shopping and just having a great time! Take a peek:

 We just loved all of the buildings. The architecture is stunning!
 Grace...this photo is for you! Those bins are ALL filled with nuts!! these are the street car trolleys that run all around the city. I wondered why in the world my next few photos came out like this..then I realized my camera was on the fish eye setting! Oh well..they look cool!

 Here are some of our great new friends with their 2 new girls. Stephanie facing the camera and her friend from church who came along to help! it took me awhile to notice the fish eye setting! Sorry...anyway..this was our breakfast buffet this morning! It was wonderful! Better yet, it's included in the hotel cost!

 We came across these ruins. They are from Roman times, and they are being dug up and made into a museum!

 Jonnie boy--this photo is for you! A  police car! high above the buildings...what do you spy?? Yup..McDonalds!

 We did souvenir shopping today, and this was Elena, a wonderful shop owner! She hugged us and hugged us when she found out we were adopting from her country!

 This is where we ate! It was yummy!

 Found out our waitresses name was Marlena!!

See the beautiful mountains! We may have a trip through them between Zoey's orphanage and Eddie's. Weather permitting!

 So they have the coolest little food shops. This is a pizza one. You walk up, and order, and it's displayed in a window out front! Like a drive up only a walk up!
 There are many cobblestone streets!

 Came across this awesome violin player today! Madelyn..this one is for you!
 The sun was setting! It was beautiful!

So we got adventurous and rode on the trolley today! It was fun!

Okay..gotta go to bed now! Tomorrow we will meet our daughter for the first time! Lots of emotions going on here! Promise to keep you all posted!


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Hope Rising Farm said...

Isn't Europe just grand! We loved living there...just so much history! The pictures bring back so many beautiful memories foe me...thanks for sharing them!

We have been praying with you both as you lay eyes on Zoe today! So exciting...many special times lay ahead of both of you and that little gal!

Love to you!