Thursday, December 12, 2013

What if...?

What if when tomorrow dawns, you were left with ONLY the things that  you gave thanks for today?

On that note:

Thank you dear Lord for your son Jesus. For your gift to us of eternal life.

Thank you dear Lord for your word. It truly is ALL we need!

Thank you dear Lord for this new day! A clean slate! Your Grace and Mercy new to me this day!

Thank you Lord for all of our friends and family! For their prayers and their support!

Thank you Lord for my precious husband! Willing to obey your command to care for the orphans in their distress!

Thank you Lord for my precious children! All 10 of them! Brittany (and her husband Chris and their daughters (my grandbabies) Marlena, and Annalie, Madelyn, Grace, Edward, Elisha, Jonathan, Nicole, Rosalinda, Zvesdelina, and Jerry!

Thank you Lord for bringing us here to this place on this very journey you have given us!

Thank you Lord for technology, which has been an anchor for us while we've been here!

Thank you Lord for our home that you have given us, and for the shelter, warmth and protection that it is providing for us, and for our family while we are away!

Thank you Lord for all of the wood you have provided to keep our family warm!

Thank you Lord for our health.

Thank you Lord for your protection and guidance in our every day life.

Thank you Lord for Zoey's example of pure joy, and beauty in the ashes. Of true hope.
 Her example of contentment and strength!
 May her light be a beacon to us all!
Thank you dear Lord, thank you!

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Hope Rising Farm said...

What a list for your 1000 gifts! May The Lord Strengthen you both for the journey! Praying for you The Lowmans