Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We will be strong and courageous and we WILL NOT be afraid!

Here are some more precious photos from our afternoon today with Zoey. We stand amazed at her joy and her strength! Truly, truly, truly....the joy of the Lord is her strength, and ours, too! Hopefully there will be some videos to come, too! Please continue to pray for us!

This is one of our favorite photos of her. She's sooo comfy resting all her cares on Glenn's shoulder, but still wanting to see me, too!

Oh, that smile, that infectious, and beautiful smile!

This shows our referral photo from last December, and how she is now. It's humbling!

We love you precious Zoey, we love you so much! Hang on dear girl!! We are trusting God that you can!

If you'd like to help us to bring Zoey home, you can make a tax deductible donation right: HERE

It truly is getting to be that time of year to consider charitable giving! Thanking you in advance! 

 We need about 11,500.00 to complete our adoption process. What if 1,150 people would give 10.00?? Wouldn't that be cool??


Hope Rising Farm said...

Love your thinking....my little ones made a donation that I will be bringing tonight...the the children lead them!

rosedel said...

I am praying for God to continue to strengthen Zoey.

cara said...

Just wanted to let you all know that I found out about your journey through No Greater Joy blog. And I am praying for your precious Zoey!!! I will pray for God's Unfailing Love to be ever present with her daily and to sustain her and give her grace beyond measure. I pray for you all as well and to be able to bring her home sooner than expected turning ashes to beauty. Not that she in not beautiful because she is!!! But turning her situation into beauty with you all!!! What a blessing that you all are able to rescue her.

lizzielou said...

She is just precious. Praying for all of you Mary! Much love to you and your gorgeous daughter! xoxoxoxoxo