Saturday, December 07, 2013

Update on Joshua for Friday! Keep praying!

Dear friends, keep praying for this little guy! Here is the latest update!

Friday night at BCH, CICU.

Joshua had a quiet and stable day. No procedures and not a whole lot of fussing. The surgeon came around this morning and told us he was encouraged which encouraged our hearts even more. He has pledged to be honest with us and each day, he tells it like it is. So today was a positive day.

At rounds this morning, they decided a wake up test was in order. This is when they lift the sedation and paralytic for a few hours until the patient wiggles around. We were so excited. I was desperately ready for a squeeze of the hand or finger or anything. Well, Joshua aced the test and moved both legs and feet, lifted both hands and moved his head. I asked him if he would open his eyes and in true "Joshua fashion" he gave his head a slight shake "NO." It was so him. Maybe I imagined it but I needed to hear from him today. I miss him.

There are plans forming while we watch and wait for this "gifted" heart to recover. We have told our kids that Joshua's new heart needs a little extra time to get used to its new home. We can wait if it means a good ending. While ECMO is very dangerous, it is allowing Joshua's heart to heal. Right now, barring any events, it looks like Monday will be a big day.

Thank you to those who have helped, reached out, made meals, loved on my kids, and prayed for us. Believe me, it is sustaining.

Be blessed. Hug somebody. Today Is What You Have.

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